Buhari’s visit to Kano a waste – Bwari


Ayoung presidential aspirant, Ahmad Bwari, has berated the recent visit of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that it has not yielded any positive result because the visit rather betrayed the President.

His words: “I expected that during the visit, President Buhari would offer a solutions to some of the real economic and social challenges facing Kano and the North, but it ended just on a visit note.

“Instead of President Buhari talking about things that disturbed people we only overheard him talking history how he was coming to Kano and all that while real issues of economic importance were left undiscussed”.

According to Bwari, the Presidential visit should have been used to tackle a lots of issues surrounding economy, political lives of the Northern Nigeria, “but honestly I’m disappointed with that visit,” he lamented.

Commenting on the Not-too-young to run, controversy, Bwari said that Leadership in Nigeria should not be based on age alone; because there are so many other variables that should be considered which has to do with whether or not someone has the capacity to deliver.

A Senior Special Assistant on Social Investment, Ismaila Ahmad, observed that today Nigerian Youth must demonstrate capacity for leadership, and also have capacity to overcome challenges as they happens.

He asked if youth in the country have dared to sponsor a bill seeking to allow only certain category of age to run for Chairmanship and Councilors, adding that until that is done everybody would know that there is a determination to make a change.

Northern Youth Leader, Dr. Ahmad Adamu, however, pointed out that 78% of the Nation’s population is made up of youths who have the capacity to change the political narrative.


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